Elemental Planes

Locations/Replays: Slifsgaard - World Tree

Hero: OK, I can take on the raven spirit form now.
Hero: H'rok said a bunch of things I didn't understand.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): Where to start?
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): To get to the Dream Plane and the Void Knightmare, you need the permission of the Four Elemental Guardian Spirits.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): As you now know, the World Tree is the bridge that spans many worlds.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): Because of this, it's easier to travel to the elemental crossplanes here.
Hero: What are the elemental crossplanes exactly?
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): Well, there are planes of pure elemental energy…
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): …pure light. Pure fire, Pure Darkness…
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): …only very powerful entities from our world, the Prime Material Plane, can go to these elemental planes and survive.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): …The crossplanes are where our plane meets theirs. A kind of halfway point.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): They are elemental reflections of our world. The same but also different.
Hero: Oh! Like that dark version of Greenguard forest… "Shadowguard".
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): YES, exactly! Greenguard Forest is a sacred place full of spirit energy.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): The Shamans built our sanctuary here on the World Tree because it is one of the most powerful places like this on Lore.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): Normally people need potions or powerful charms to go to the crossplanes…
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): …but, for some reason, I sense that you can go more easily than most.
Hero: Really? Why is that?
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): I'm not sure what makes you so special… yet.
Slifsgaard Shaman of Lorre: I'm a gifted shaman, but you… you're something else… I sense that it's in your nature walk the planes.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): The guardians of the crossplanes will test you.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): Pass their tests to get their permission to enter the Dream Plane.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): First you should go to the WATER CROSSPLANE and speak to Pahua, The Aspect Of The Dragon.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): But before you enter you will need to gather the energy of angered elemental spirits to open the door.
Slifsgaard (Shaman of Lore): Defeating the water spirits will lend their energy to the portal and attune it to our world for a short time so you can pass through.
Hero: I'm ready. Let's go.

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