Encountering Legate Tactus


«Scene: Shows Werewolf Coliseum»

Legate Tactus: Grrrrrr! you dare come here, <hero> ?
Legate Tactus: Thanks to you, Lucianus Rex had me publicly flogged for my failure in Darkhurst
Hero: I bring a message of peace from the vampire Queen.
Legate Tactus: Peace ? with the leeches ? you must be made.
Hero: If I could just speak to the Were-King…
Legate Tactus: I planned to kill you myself if I ever saw you again…
Legate Tactus: … But where is the fun of the hunt when you walk right into our home ?
Legate Tactus: You're not worth the time it would take to pick you out of my fangs.
Legate Tactus: Centurions!
Legate Tactus: Take <hero> to the Coliseum to fight in the pit.
Werewolf Guard: Come 'ere.
Legate Tactus: Perhaps we can get some entertainment out of this hero.

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