Entering the Dining Hall


«Scene: Hero enters the Castle Dining Hall and sees King Drachus speaking to Ghoulash»

King Drachus (Vampire King): Did Renswald give you the seating list?

Ghoulash (Mutant Ghoul): Grrrrrrrrrrrshhhhhhhhnnnn.

King Drachus (Vampire King's Manservant): Excellent. Make certain that everyone is served as soon as…

Hero: King Drachus!

King Drachus (Vampire King): More interruptions?

Ghoulash (Mutant Ghoul): Ggggllllllllaaaaaahhhhhk?

King Drachus (Vampire King): Oh, well done. Yes, you may serve this mortal as an appetizer.
King Drachus (Vampire King): I leave it in your… hands.

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