Entering the Library


«Scene: Hero enters the Castle Library and sees King Drachus speaking to Lord Anemis»

Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): All is prepared for the ritual, your Majesty.

King Drachus (Vampire King): Anemis, as the captain of my royal guard you are one of the few vampires that I can trust with…

Hero: King Drachus! Please… just…

King Drachus (Vampire King): I have no time for this.

Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): <hero>!

King Drachus (Vampire King): Anemis, you know this mortal?

Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): <hero> is the one I spoke of, my king. From Darkhurst.

King Drachus (Vampire King): Interesting. <hero>. If you survive this, come see me in my throne room.

Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): Survive? I will leave nothing of <hero>!

King Drachus (Vampire King): It would be folly to underestimate this one.

Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): Pfft! You're mine now, mortal! Knights, Attack!

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