Essa Has Fallen


Hero: Galanoth, Kord… I have bad news.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Speak.
Hero: I'm sorry to report that DragonSlayer Essa has fallen to Talyn.
Hero: He got the drop on us and killed her before I had time to react. I'm sorry.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): She knew the risks. Did Dragonlord Talyn say anything about the Great Fire Dragon?
Hero: I… uh… only some idle threats about burning the world and you with it.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Nothing useful. Very well, <hero>. Carry on.
Hero: "Carry on"? Essa was one of our own. We have to avenge her!
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Talyn's time will come. We must remain focused on the Great Fire Dragon.
Hero: We at least have to tell Gibbs that his sister is dead.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Hm? Oh, if you must.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Don't worry, <hero>. We will send word to Gibbs.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): She was a good soldier and died accomplishing her mission.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): It was an honorable death. Gibbs will take comfort in that.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Her loss is painful but we have to keep going.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Dragonlord Talyn was just spotted in the Magma mines. Go there and talk to Dell. If Talyn is planning another Tribute, stop him.
Hero: It'll be my pleasure to ruin his day. He just made this personal.

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