Essa's Death

Locations/Replays: Gibbs - Lower Firefields
Note: Must have completed the 'Malthas Falls' quest in order to access this cutscene.

Gibbs: Hello, <Hero>.
Hero: Hi, Gibbs. I guess you've heard the news.
Gibbs: Essa? Yes, Kord sent me the message.
Hero: I just wanted to…
Gibbs: Stop there.
Gibbs: I knew you were there when it happened. I know you would have stopped it if you could have.
Gibbs: I don't blame anyone but DragonLord Talyn for Essa's death.
Hero: I'm glad you understand. I still feel guilty.
Gibbs: If anything, I should be the one feeling guilty.
Gibbs: She was my sister. From the moment we lost our family we had each other's backs.
Gibbs: In the DragonSlayer orphanage, if one of us got in a fight, the other was always jumped in… no questions asked.
Gibbs: I should have been there for her. I should have had her back in that last fight.
Hero: There was nothing you could have done, Gibbs.
Hero: If you were there, Talyn would have ended up killing you both.
Hero: Essa would want you alive. She would want you to bring Dragonlord Talyn down.
Gibbs: You're right. I knew that but I guess I needed to hear it from someone else.
Gibbs: Thanks, <Hero>, I appreciate you coming to talk to me.

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