Oh, brave traveler. I hold a dark secret which you seek. Should you answer my three riddles, I will share it with you.

*The bugs nearby skitter and buzz as if they are listening to you*

Answer the 3 Riddles

Evangelina's Secret
I have waited here so long…

My Master will return.

Our prophecy foretells of a great foe with the heart of a lion which we must darken. Only when they close their eyes and see the light of truth, will the gateway to the Oversoul be reopened.

Let it be known traveler…. The prophecy will be fulfilled. Those who banished my Master will be dearly punished.

- Thorraxx (Solo, Any Level)
- Thorraxx Challenge (5 Players, Level 35+)

The High Place
Have you been to the high place yet? I left a friend of mine all alone up there. Perhaps you could check on him for me.
- Darxie Quests
- Go to the High Place (Darxie) (Teleports you to where Darxie is located)

- Thorraxx & Seleden Crafting


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