Fiend Hunter Ambush


Angelisa (Fiendstress): It seems the two of us are finally alone, <Hero>.
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Why don't you join me in this secluded dark spot and we will…
Fiend Hunter: Fiend!
Fiend Hunter: I will exterminate your kind from the face of our world!
Hero: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down!
Hero: Come on, let's talk this out.
Fiend Hunter: Out of my way! Do not get between my dagger and the heart of this… Thing!
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Thing? <Hero>, surely you're not going to let him speak to me that way?
Hero: Come on, there's no need for violence.
Fiend Hunter: So, you're siding with the fiend, are you?
Fiend Hunter: Then you will die with her, too! HEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAH!

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