Finale talk to Sirius


Hero: You knew… Didn't you?
Sirius (Chronomancer): Yes
Hero: You knew I couldn't stop the ShadowReaper of Doom from being forged.
Sirius (Chronomancer): Some things are… a fixed point in time.
Sirius (Chronomancer): But the people of this town are now alive… because of you.
Hero: But I still forged the ShadowReaper of Doom.
Sirius (Chronomancer): It is always forged.
Sirius (Chronomancer): As a time traveler, I have not seen a future where it does not exist.
Hero: So, what then? Am I supposed to use it? Destroy it? Ignore it?
Sirius (Chronomancer): That is your choice, not mine.
Sirius (Chronomancer): The weapon believes you are its rightful Master.
Sirius (Chronomancer): You are the only one who can change this world's future.
Sirius (Chronomancer): All of us who are aware of you…
Sirius (Chronomancer): … Believe in you…
Sirius (Chronomancer): …And as much as w need your help, we will do everything in our power to aid you.
Sirius (Chronomancer): Because we have seen the things coming in your future.
Sirius (Chronomancer): You will need all of the help you can get.

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