Find Materials


Crimson Renegade (Circle Mage): It will take a lot of work make this portal work backwards, as an entrance to the abyss…
Crimson Renegade (Circle Mage): … but just imagine the magical secrets that the Abyss holds for those who dare to reach out and seize them!
Crimson Renegade (Circle Mage): You need the Staff of Infernal Teleportation to open the portal to the Abyss. For that, you will need materials.
Crimson Renegade (Circle Mage): Infernal ashes might come from any of the infernal creatures that we have summoned to the area.
Crimson Renegade (Circle Mage): Burnt Scrolls are the remains of magic scrolls that you might find on my brothers and sisters here in the Slabs.
Crimson Renegade (Circle Mage): The Mage Shards are hard to find but I have heard someone in Battle has a supply.
Crimson Renegade (Circle Mage): The Adventurer's Staff is the first weapon a new mage receives. I'm sure you can find one in Battleon.
Crimson Renegade (Circle Mage): If you make it to the Abyss, you can collect Infernal Minion Hearts from creatures there…
Crimson Renegade (Circle Mage): … They will still be pulsing with Abyssal magic and I can use them to create a Crimson Staff of the Abyss for you!
Hero: Got it.

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