Name's Fischer. You may think that my name is a convenient coincidence, but I used to have a successful job as a dentist in Battleon! It is only recently that I discovered my love for all things to do with FISH!

Must have Old Slimy Boot in your inventory to see this quest.
- I found this in the Sewers!

Antique Fish Research
Welcome! I've been tasked with cataloging all of the fish that Faith had discovered in the past. She mentioned t hat you may have had an interest, so you're in luck now that you've found me!

Apprentice Fisherman
These were all the tasks that Faith used to have beginner fisherman complete. Now that I'm in charge, I've made the tasks just as challenging, yet fair! If you haven't yet earned your title of Apprentice Fisher, then here is your chance!
- Fish Research

- Fishing Antiques

Journeyman Fish Collection
Seein' as you're just a fledgling Fisherman, I'll start you out with some of the fish that are in the surrounding areas. Although they may be fish for beginners, some of them will still be elusive and hard to catch!
- Common Fish Collection
- Uncommon Fish Collection
- Rare Fish Collection
- Epic Fish Collection
- Legendary Fish Collection
After completion of the Common Fish Collection, Uncommon Fish Collection, Rare Fish Collection, Epic Fish Collection, Legendary Fish Collection quests
- Completing the Collection!

Battleon Sewers Research
Everything that you've learned from Fishing in the Sewers will be kept right here… In this slime-proof sack.
- Sewer Research
- Sewer Workshop

Fishing Rods & Gear
Get all your Fishing Rods and other fancy gear here! I got all kinds for ya.
- Fishing Rods
- Fishing Gear
- Acessories
- More Acessories

Fish Snacks
Did you fish up something that looks tasty?
- Level 1 Fishy Yums
- Level 6 Fishy Yums
- Level 12 Fishy Yums
- Level 24 Fishy Yums
- Level 32 Fishy Yums
- Level 45 Fishy Yums
- Box Springs Yums
- Isle of the Dead Yums
- Pointeless Isle Yums
- Social District Yums
- Cursed Cay Yums
- Battleon Sewer Yums

Location: Battleon Social District

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