Fishing Antiques


Note: Previously called "Fishing Shop".

Name Level Requirements Price
Letter.png Fishing Manual uncommonsmall.png 1 N/A 0 Gold
Weapon.png Certified Pre-Owned Pole junksmall.png 1 N/A 500 Gold
Weapon.png Sturdy Fishing Pole commonsmall.png 1 Rank 3 Fishing Rank 2,000 Gold
Weapon.png Shiny Fishing Pole uncommonsmall.png 1 Rank 6 Fishing Rank 5,000 Gold
Misc.png Fishing Certificate of Accomplishment uncommonsmall.png 1 Rank 8 Fishing Rank 0 Gold
Helm.png Fishing Hat uncommonsmall.png 1 Rank 8 Fishing Rank 10,000 Gold
Misc.png Smellyscale x5 raresmall.png 1 Rank 8 Fishing Rank Silverback Gupper x3
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