Fleshette Showdown


«Scene: The Hero confronts Fleshette in the Boiler Room»

Hero: Fleshette, we figured it out.
Hero: We know how to beat you.

Fleshette (Nightmare Killer): Clever little Hero.

«Fleshette waves hand dismissvely»

Fleshette (Nightmare Killer): Don't you realize by now that you can't kill a dream?

«The Hero scratches their head»

Hero: No, I can't… but we can fight you.

Fleshette (Nightmare Killer): You're all alone, hero.
Fleshette (Nightmare Killer): Mine to play with.

Fleshette (Nightmare Killer): And once I scare you to death in the real world…
Fleshette (Nightmare Killer): … your mind becomes part of my Nightmare Labyrinth.

Fleshette (Nightmare Killer): Every mind I add to my collection gives me strength.
Fleshette (Nightmare Killer): Not one of you have the strength to defeat me.

«The Hero waves the issue aside»

Hero: No, we don't.
Hero: Not one of us does. Not alone… but I'm not alone.

Kirsten (Dream Warrior): I'm here with Hero, Fleshette.

«Fleshette jerks back, surprised»

Fleshette (Nightmare Killer): WHAT?!

«Fleshette looks around worriedly»

Kincaid (Compensating): I'm here too, ya wax-faced freak!

Taryn (Self-Medicating Empath): She's scared. I can feel her fear.

Joey (Traumatized):
Joey (Traumatized): … You're not hurting any of us ever again.

«Fleshette shakes her fist at the air»

Fleshette (Nightmare Killer): This is my world! You… you have no power here!

Hero: Let's test that theory.

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