Focus Conduit


Warlic: There seems to be a connection between that sigil and something else in the environment.
«*Channeling Energy*»
Warlic: Hmm… Yes… There it is.
Warlic: That larger monster, his Shattered Soldier… It's not just a guardian. It's acting as a conduit for his focus.
Hero: So if we kill the Shattered Soldier, the sigil will break.
Warlic: Yes… In theory.
Warlic: But the connection goes both ways. If we kill him now, Darlic's magic will only resurrect him.
Hero: So we're pretty much hosed.
Warlic: Maybe not!
Warlic: If we can attune ourselves to Darlic's cursed magic, I may be able to sever the connection.
Hero: And then, if he dies… He stays dead.
Warlic: At least long enough for the sigil to be broken.

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