Focus Hex Staff of Nulgath


Price: N/A

Sellback: 500 Gold
Level: 44
Power: Base 940 (+0), Max: 980 (+40)
Craft Time: 1 Day
Speed Up: 2,500 Dragon Crystals
Description: Anomaly Weapon

The Hex Fiend focus runes, fully unlocked with the help of Nulgath's power allow the Hex Fiend to unlock its true potential and fulfill their intended role in the Nation.

The staff anomaly, severely affects the offensive ability of the staff, however, its healing abilities are maximized to a greater degree than what an offensive spell-casting hex staff would offer. The spell casting sped increased to a greater degree than on base form with the aid of said runes.

Type Bonus (Base) Bonus (Max)
Health +3,331 +3,922
Haste +3,331 +3,921


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