For The Orphans


Dell (DragonSlayer): What happened? What was that rumbling?!
Hero: The Treasure Room collapsed.
Dell (DragonSlayer): Oh no! Are… are you OK?
Hero: Yeah, just a few scrapes. Nothing bad. I only got a few handfuls of treasure.
Dell (DragonSlayer): The important thing is that Dragonlord Talyn can't get it either.
Dell (DragonSlayer): I guess the amount that you got could buy the DragonSlayers a few swords… not much.
Hero: I've got another idea. I'm going to donate it to the DragonSlayer Orphanage to honor Essa's memory.
Dell (DragonSlayer): Oh yeah… she and Gibbs grew up there, didn't they?
Dell (DragonSlayer): This treasure could go a long way toward making their lives more comfortable.
Dell (DragonSlayer): That's a great idea, <hero>. I think Essa would love it. I'll see that it's done.
Hero: Thanks, Dell. Any word from the camp?
Dell (DragonSlayer): Yes! Kord sent a letter saying that Talyn was seen in Tower Pass just an hour ago.
Hero: WHAT?! You're telling me this NOW!
Dell (DragonSlayer): Yeah, sorry. Priorities.

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