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Reply with images, as in reply with an image that would help an editor understand what needs to be fixed. For example, you could reply with an image of an updated description or a statistic and we could read off that and fix the page.

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by HarrisonHarrison, 30 Jun 2017 05:17

Hi, I noticed that there wasn't much information out about the new Random Dungeons release on AQ3D, so I decided I would help out and create a few of the pages. I started with the Guarding Arachnid, but I can't figure out how to attach or display the image of the monster on the page from my computer. I've never done this before, but I would like to make some pages for the new release as soon as possible. Any help would be great, thanks!

Nevermind, kind of figured it out… :)

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by Dark-BaronessDark-Baroness, 29 Jun 2017 18:21

Hey guys! I'm new to AQ3D Wiki!

MY IGN in AQ3D is Nathalya.

Here to help other players because the wiki has helped me with all my adventures.

Hi, I read that we can "reply with the images" if we want to help you update things. I'd love to do that if you could just elaborate on exactly what that entails. Please be specific about where to go and what to click, as I'm brand new to Wikis. Thank you. (By the way, if it's more trouble than it's worth to explain it to me, that's fine. I just wanted to offer what little help I could. I certainly don't want to waste anyone's time.)

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by FablokFablok, 26 Jun 2017 09:45

This page (harr2) should include all the pages that still have old stats on them. There are probably some duplicates in there, but that is the majority of the items still not updated yet.
With it, I'll try and update the harritems page tomorrow with this page.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by HarrisonHarrison, 20 Jun 2017 07:19

Think we should incomplete tag all the items that aren't updated yet (in terms of the stats) to make it easier to keep track of which items that need updating.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by Vampire SVampire S, 19 Jun 2017 11:52

New tags:

  • +armor - this item gives a bonus to the armor stat
  • +evasion - this item gives a bonus to the evasion stat
  • +haste - this item gives a bonus to the haste stat
  • cosmetic - this is an item that can be equipped as a cosmetic item (it will not give you any stats)
  • seasonal - this item/NPC/location/monster comes once a year, every year (this tag's been around for a while but it hasn't been added to the first post yet)

Removed tags:

  • +critpower - this item gives a bonus to the crit power stat
  • +defense - this item gives a bonus to the defense stat
  • +dodge - this item gives a bonus to the dodge stat
  • +hit - this item gives a bonus to the hit stat
  • +mana - this item gives a bonus to the mana stat
Re: Tag Discussion by rickyb20rickyb20, 17 Jun 2017 10:57

For templates.


Health +0
Attack +0
Crit +0
Haste +0


Health +0
Attack +0
Armor +0
Evasion +0
Crit +0


Health +0
Attack +0
Armor +0
Evasion +0


Health +0
Attack +0
Armor +0
Crit +0


Health +0
Attack +0
Crit +0
Haste +0


Armor +0
Evasion +0
Haste +0


Armor +0
Evasion +0
Haste +0

Capes/ Back Items:

Evasion +0
Crit +0
Haste +0

Edit: Well I guess that formatted itself…..

In addition, we are phasing out the +defense and +dodge tags, and renaming them to +armor and +evasion, respectively. Furthermore, +critpower, +mana, and +hit will need to be completely removed.

I am adding 2 new tags- +haste and +cosmetic. These will be implemented as soon as the items are updated.

Hello! As you may have read from the announcement, yes, most of the items AND monsters have had their stats modified, and we will have to update the Wiki in accordance.

Don't know what's going on? The latest announcement on our homepage describes this situation.

How do I know if an item isn't updated? Updated items will have a strikethrough on the harrItems page. Pages not yet updated will be normal, so to speak.

What can I do to help?

If you do not have a Wiki account-

Twitter users- Please tweet an image of an item(s) stats (like this, for example) to @OffAQ3DWiki or @trustharri. We will be able to see the updated stats and update it on the Wiki if you are not a user on our site.

Discord users- Please send a private message to Harrison#1677 on an item that has not yet been updated and I will update it with haste.

If you do have a Wiki account-

If you are fairly new, or have not edited in a long time, please go over these links-

If you are a constant visitor of our site, you will know what the Archives are for, and if not, please visit the Archives FAQ.

In short, we must retain old information, we do not remove old information. To remove the clutter from pages, the Archives were made as a way of removing clutter but also allowing us to retain old information. We will do the same for this update, as we would any other update.

How do I archive a page?

An archived page will have -old appended to the end of the url. If that page already exists, please follow the example of the Nightfall (Old) page- you create a new tab, and copy all the current information on the Nightfall page to the newly made tab on the archive page, save the page, and then normally edit the normal page with the new information. Essentially, you are copying and pasting current information onto another page, and then updating the page you just copied from.

PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE OLD INFORMATION. Read the following above to learn about archiving and the importance of it. For a more thorough walkthrough of archiving, please visit the Archives FAQ page for more information.

What if I'm uncomfortable with editing?
Reply with the image(s) of items yet to be updated, and we will update them for you. You can reply by clicking on 'New Post' near the bottom left of this page.

If you are still unsure about something, then please do not hesitate to contact a Wiki Administrator or Wiki Moderator here. Alternatively, you can send me a PM and I will deal with the page for you.

Hi guys, I'm Bartimaeus (you can call me Bart for short).

I've been playing AE games for years and I used the wiki all the time when I played AQW a lot. Since AQ3D is still relatively small and I heard some people in game saying the wiki could always use more people to help, I decided to join. I've been playing AQ3D since Alpha, so I know my way around AQ3D and hopefully I can put that knowledge to use here.


Was actually thinking about adding a cosmetic tag when they first released, but because of how early the cosmetic feature was, I hesitated until there were more items with cosmetics. Thanks for the suggestion, we'll consider that when we implement more tags.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by HarrisonHarrison, 27 May 2017 19:47

Doesn't seem like it, the max limits on most items are always uniquely set to a low or high number depending on the drop difficulty of the item. Thanks for the stack limit information!

Add Cosmetic Tag for items with no stats ig Dricken Spurred Shoulders, except for armors since they originally have no stats.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by Vampire SVampire S, 27 May 2017 09:00

First time here, but I've added:

Stacks up to 5000.

to defender-medal

It might be a possibility that all miscellaneous items have a default stack of 5000.

There's a cave off of the lower firefields in which there's a npc sneevil named Sneegoll and some monsters (crystalized spiders and a boss). I'm pretty sure it's new and any information on it would be great. Initially, the entrance to the whole cave was blocked, and when I clicked on the entrance I was told that I need a Crystal Mining Pick Axe, and I can't find any information on how to acquire one. Another player was able to unblock the entrance, which was how I was able to get in. Sneegoll has a crafting store, Sneegoll's Crafts, where you can craft Pure Crystal Powder, Powerful Bomb, Precious Crystal Staff, Precious Crystal Sword, and Precious Crystal Lance. I'd really like to craft a Precious Crystal Staff but I don't know how to get the ingredients to craft it. Also, the boss monster in this cave is level 30 and apparently cannot be killed by a group of level 17 players, if it can be killed at all. Maybe it drops items needed for crafting in Sneegoll's shop.
This website has been very helpful, thanks for the info! :)

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by ZizzlefizzyZizzlefizzy, 05 May 2017 04:23

Hi there Whatisface, sorry for the late reply.

Any items that only staff can use are considered unreleased and we're not going to be adding anything that's unreleassed to the wiki.

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by rickyb20rickyb20, 05 May 2017 02:27

Not really sure where to ask this, but should developer/tester exclusive items be included on this wiki? Some testers have items that will never be available for players, or are unreleased, should we try include these somewhere?

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by WhatsisfaceWhatsisface, 04 Apr 2017 02:09

We can't exactly find out what the room limit is for each map, it's just not that accessible.

It is possible, but since everyone's playing one single release instead of the other, it's going to be really hard to get that player count.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by HarrisonHarrison, 09 Mar 2017 15:45
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