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Was actually thinking about adding a cosmetic tag when they first released, but because of how early the cosmetic feature was, I hesitated until there were more items with cosmetics. Thanks for the suggestion, we'll consider that when we implement more tags.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by HarrisonHarrison, 27 May 2017 19:47

Doesn't seem like it, the max limits on most items are always uniquely set to a low or high number depending on the drop difficulty of the item. Thanks for the stack limit information!

Add Cosmetic Tag for items with no stats ig Dricken Spurred Shoulders, except for armors since they originally have no stats.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by Vampire SVampire S, 27 May 2017 09:00

First time here, but I've added:

Stacks up to 5000.

to defender-medal

It might be a possibility that all miscellaneous items have a default stack of 5000.

There's a cave off of the lower firefields in which there's a npc sneevil named Sneegoll and some monsters (crystalized spiders and a boss). I'm pretty sure it's new and any information on it would be great. Initially, the entrance to the whole cave was blocked, and when I clicked on the entrance I was told that I need a Crystal Mining Pick Axe, and I can't find any information on how to acquire one. Another player was able to unblock the entrance, which was how I was able to get in. Sneegoll has a crafting store, Sneegoll's Crafts, where you can craft Pure Crystal Powder, Powerful Bomb, Precious Crystal Staff, Precious Crystal Sword, and Precious Crystal Lance. I'd really like to craft a Precious Crystal Staff but I don't know how to get the ingredients to craft it. Also, the boss monster in this cave is level 30 and apparently cannot be killed by a group of level 17 players, if it can be killed at all. Maybe it drops items needed for crafting in Sneegoll's shop.
This website has been very helpful, thanks for the info! :)

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by ZizzlefizzyZizzlefizzy, 05 May 2017 04:23

Hi there Whatisface, sorry for the late reply.

Any items that only staff can use are considered unreleased and we're not going to be adding anything that's unreleassed to the wiki.

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by rickyb20rickyb20, 05 May 2017 02:27

Not really sure where to ask this, but should developer/tester exclusive items be included on this wiki? Some testers have items that will never be available for players, or are unreleased, should we try include these somewhere?

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by WhatsisfaceWhatsisface, 04 Apr 2017 02:09

We can't exactly find out what the room limit is for each map, it's just not that accessible.

It is possible, but since everyone's playing one single release instead of the other, it's going to be really hard to get that player count.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by HarrisonHarrison, 09 Mar 2017 15:45

About the locations (map), i think we should record the Room Limits of each map similar like AQW wiki does.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by ZickyZicky, 08 Mar 2017 16:24

IGN: Krypto

Howdy! The name is Krypto

This is not my first time on the wiki, in fact I helped out on the AQW and HS wiki a few years ago but kinda got busy with school. I'll be starting fresh on this wiki.

I've reviewed the wiki rules and codes once again, hopefully I'm not that rusty


Re: Birthday / Leaving / Returning / Welcoming Thread by (account deleted), 24 Jan 2017 12:15

Character page for sample: account.aq3d(dot)com/Character?id=Elusion
Note: They are probably bugged.

Name of Badge: Battleon Town
Section: Overworld explorer
Image: Image not available. (404 - File/directory not found)
Description: You've been to Battleon Town!
Requirements: Entering Battleon after finishing the intro.
Badge order: Before "Dungeons in Caverns"

Name of Badge: Dungeons in Caverns
Section: Overworld explorer
Image: Image not available. (404 - File/directory not found)
Description: dungeons in livingstone caverns
Requirements: Entering a Livingstone Caverns dungeon instance.
Badge order: After "Battleon Town"

All badges to be updated once I'm done with the remaining Archives. ~harr

Re: Character Page Badges by yellowtidesyellowtides, 31 Dec 2016 15:04

Hey everyone, I'm @yellowtides, IGN being Elusion.
It's been a while since I've contributed to a wiki, and I figured, why not start again? Game looks promising, is still in beta, and there's a whole bunch of content still to be added.
I'm nothing fancy, haven't participated in alpha nor donated to the kickstarter or anything, but I'm done with most of the in-game content.
I hope I'll be able to be of some use in the future.

Hey, alpacky here.
I've been playing AQ3D since it was called legends of lore… each addition I have leveled to max and obtained every possibly rare item (within constricted inventory space). I am always looking for information on the game, so, if I can provide others with information that would be beneficial to them, I would be satisfied.. thus I am joining the wiki team.

See you guys later!

Hey, GUYS ! I'm jissgeorge12 (youtube: AQ3Dpros).

I joined AQWIKI cos i need more friend!! (jk)

hope to contribute to this AQ3D wiki,

always wanted to be a part of the wiki since i regularly uses AQW3D WIKI.want to be a part of this community…

Cheers and Battleon.😀😀😀

first post is really outdated now, but there's some things I'd like to add now that AQ3D has reached that certain phase, and more tags should be introduced in accordance to this.

the beta tag mentioned above should probably be introduced now. something along the lines of 'pre-beta', and with the addition of "alpha" and the like. i don't think they need image tags, maybe just for alpha and use beta for all the current betas.

a 'removed' tag, in a magenta color. this will be used for content that has been removed completely, similar to the 'impossible2own' tag on the AQWWiki. if this is added, it will replace the rare tag on the removed content.
Implemented, tag is now shown on removed items.

a 'guardian' tag. doesn't need an image tag.

weapon tags- revised. it couldn't hurt to add the classification of the weapon itself. for example, the following tags can be used on weapons:

a 'freeplayer' tag, shows the items that can be obtainable without any purchase/kickstarter backing.

a 'backitem' tag, used to differentiate items that go on your back directly and filters out capes in general.

Re: Tag Discussion by HarrisonHarrison, 18 Dec 2016 06:42

Heyo I'm Molevolent, both in AQW and AQ3D!

Looking forward to secretly contributing to the wiki!

Twitter: @EhtXCIX
On the official and FB AQ3D Discords

Yo Guys, I'm Syeas!
I've been playing AE since AQ World's beta launch in 2008.
I've joined the AQ3D Wiki since I want to contribute to AQ3D and AE.
Twitter: @Ravenboy_XIII

This wiki should have an automatic google translator to help people who are unable to speak English fluently.

I am aware this is already done on AQW wiki page.
therefore, am suggesting we should have it here for the future.

Ricky added this a while back ago, just confirming the suggestion. ~harr

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by ZickyZicky, 16 Sep 2016 17:53

This might be a more drastic suggestion, but I'd like to see two things done differently:

  1. No more "Old" or "Older" or "Oldest" on anything. If people want to see older stats, they can go through the page's history. It just clutters the page when we have to show all of them.
  2. Get rid of the "Common", "Uncommon", "Rare", etc. tags. This can be kept the same way as the AQW Wiki does it, where we just list the rarity (with a color) on the page without having to put an image tag for everything.

I think we agreed on the first suggestion a bit, what I envision is making another page with (Old) beside the item/monster name that includes all of the tabs and collapsibles. Everything current will be set on the original page, and if that info gets outdated, we'll move it over to the (Old) page.

Regarding the tags, I think we've also said that it's a bit too late, plus we don't see any harm with image tags. I could definitely see us putting a "Rarity" line and color coding the given rarity, but I think the system we have is fine as is. ~harr

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