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With the recent release of "gathering skills" i wanted to contribute to the wikia by making a list of all fishing locations, fishing spots, all fish that can be caught and what fish can be caught at what fishing spot.

Id like to suggest opening a new catagory called Skills with the subcatagories Fishing and Mining so i can post the information i have collected so far

Hello, I'm Melviora (Melvi)

I'm new to the wiki, would like to contribute when i can. Been playing since Open Beta started years ago. Been going on and off AE games due to a busy life. I think being part of this community will help be updated too.

Have a good day, lads.

Hello There.

Hello everyone!

Despite my name here, just call me Zeus. New contributor here!

Something to know about me:
1) I play both aq3d and aqw, although focused mainly on aq3d right now
2) Don't have that many social media (that i use anyway. Got a lot of account but ended up ignored by me). But, feel free to HMU in either here or discord. Discord name is Zeus ♡#2729 (current tag, may change)
3) Am introverted, but talk a LOT in discord. So, don't let that fool you :) Also watch some anime and stuff if its important. Mostly play rpg and fps.

That's all from me. Hope to know y'all better.
As usual,

- Zeus

Hi, I'm A W

This is my first wiki and I look forward to being a good member of the Community

All Hail!

I look forward to helping out!

Hi, I’m Halt

I’m fresh meat here, I would love to help contribute to this site and I look forward to being part of the community.

Thanks all!

Heya, Dark Zamorak here.

Just joined and will add when possible.

Hi, and greetings to all… Hoping to add an observational input to this wiki… danoja, here and in discord and the AQ3D universe… Happy Gaming!!

Hiya everyone, I'm Tuna! I remember playing AQWorlds in like, 2008? I heard of AQ3D and began playing it with my girlfriend, and we've been having a lot of fun! I thought that I should try and get into the community and help expand it. Lets try and get this Wiki ALIVE!

Blub blub goes the fishy.

Hey everyone, my name is Znow
i'm an active player in AQ3D, i am enjoying the community so i decided to join the wiki and help

Hi everyone!. TheLegendarySword here!.
I'm a player of AQWorlds and AQ3D and I want to be part of this AQ3D Wiki and help all the players of this awesome game!
If you want contact me, feel free to do it!
TheLegendary_AE In Twitter
TLS#8656 In Discord


I'm Aryon. My real name is Allen. I like ranged classes. But AQ3D has me enjoying melee as well now. I'm easy to get along with. I like to help when I can.

My name is Flynn and I'll try my best to help the wiki team and players.
Thank you for having me here!

Hay! I'm intrested in the new update they added the Vampire Castle. So its gonna be 1 page the whole castle or it will be created by rooms? I made pics for them/it and collected infos.

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by NahquinNahquin, 21 Oct 2018 23:44


My name is Leun. (IGN: LeunXCV az_Leun)

I'm a recently new wiki editor. Just learning. Feel free to teach me and give feedback.

I look forward to working with the AQ3D wikidot community

Hi my name is Uland, go by the online alias of Ulandos, look forward to helping out on the wiki when I can find the time.

will check the above question out

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by HarrisonHarrison, 22 Apr 2018 06:30

I've farmed for Shard Encrusted Fists from Shard Pebblars for quite a while now (~200 or more kills) and they haven't dropped once. Perhaps they removed them or altered the mob that drops them? Either way, the aforementioned pages might do with an edit.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by VehdrehlVehdrehl, 22 Apr 2018 06:22


would just like everyone to know that although the tags are confirmed, these tags have no priority to be pushed live as of now. feel free to tag pages that deem fitting with the above confirmed tags. the application of these tags will be prioritized once all the item set pages are done (currently 40%)

Re: Tag Discussion by HarrisonHarrison, 09 Mar 2018 07:16

would be put under Other Info under the Character page

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by HarrisonHarrison, 08 Mar 2018 07:45

There needs to be a new category for the recent addition of Titles under +Items.

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