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Hay! I'm intrested in the new update they added the Vampire Castle. So its gonna be 1 page the whole castle or it will be created by rooms? I made pics for them/it and collected infos.

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by Daisuke255Daisuke255, 21 Oct 2018 23:44


My name is Leun. (IGN: LeunXCV)

I'm a recently new wiki editor. Just learning. Feel free to teach me and give feedback.

I looks forward to working with the AQ3D wikidot community

Hi my name is Uland, go by the online alias of Ulandos, look forward to helping out on the wiki when I can find the time.

will check the above question out

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by HarrisonHarrison, 22 Apr 2018 06:30

I've farmed for Shard Encrusted Fists from Shard Pebblars for quite a while now (~200 or more kills) and they haven't dropped once. Perhaps they removed them or altered the mob that drops them? Either way, the aforementioned pages might do with an edit.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by VehdrehlVehdrehl, 22 Apr 2018 06:22


would just like everyone to know that although the tags are confirmed, these tags have no priority to be pushed live as of now. feel free to tag pages that deem fitting with the above confirmed tags. the application of these tags will be prioritized once all the item set pages are done (currently 40%)

Re: Tag Discussion by HarrisonHarrison, 09 Mar 2018 07:16

would be put under Other Info under the Character page

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by HarrisonHarrison, 08 Mar 2018 07:45

There needs to be a new category for the recent addition of Titles under +Items.

That's a great idea, I'm going to hold off on that idea until a next major release includes more allies, then it would be acceptable for use.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by HarrisonHarrison, 28 Feb 2018 07:51

With the release of Mount Ashfall camp, having NPCs as allies is becoming more mainstream after Shadowslayer W in Darkhurst and Campbell in Heartwood Forest. I think there should be a new category under +World named +Allies, which would be NPCs with meaningful stats and skills because they participate in combat not just idle NPCs that used to have stat on their pages. I'm currently keeping a list of the skills monsters and NPCs use, which I will update to the Buffs and Debuffs page.

The current confirmed tags are great. I agree with Shiminuki about the confusion that may take place with eventrare tag. Boss tag kind of sounds ok too, but is it judt for the actual boss monster?

Re: Tag Discussion by VepyVepy, 20 Feb 2018 01:54

Official Lists can be found here-

These lists serve to better the browsing experience on the AdventureQuest 3D Wiki without having to manually type things in and out. Unlike the AQWWiki, we're aiming to remove all redundant notes as well as making all pages easier to navigate to.

Suggestions are however, still limited to a set number (currently 7). This means that if there are more than 7 variants of an item or a monster, you are free to suggest it here. Some pages may have exclusions.

"List" Suggestions by HarrisonHarrison, 23 Jan 2018 06:48


Guardian seems fine to me, only thing wrong I see with eventrare is that people might think it means perma rare. But I'm sure they'll understand eventually.

Re: Tag Discussion by ShiminukiShiminuki, 27 Dec 2017 15:55

Tag list and Tag information can now be found here-

From now on, please discuss any suggestions, additions, or changes to one of the site tags here.
Below this line will be the tags currently in discussion and consideration for implementation on the site. We encourage everyone to discuss and share opinions on the featured tags so potential changes and additions will be much faster and easier.

Updated February 23rd, 2018

Tags in Consideration:

  • alpha - This is content exclusive to players who have played in the Alpha Stage.
  • beta - This is content exclusive to players who have played in the Beta Stage
  • eventrare - This tag is applied to items that are obtained throughout a reoccurring event, which may happen twice a year, or never in a year.
  • boss - This is a boss monster

Tags to be Updated:

  • specialoffer - This tag's intention was to essentially indicate an item of promotional rarity, I plan on updating the tag's definition to include only items from limited promotions, not items that will be tagged with Guardian or KickStarter.

Confirmed Tags:

  • guardian - This tag is applied to content that is only accessible to players who have upgraded their account to the Guardian Status.
  • heromart - This is a reward from HeroMart
  • promo - This is a reward for redeeming a promotional code for AdventureQuest 3D
  • classtoken - These are Class Tokens, used to unlock classes as of Ashfall III
  • daily - These are only available once per day, or every 12 AM EST
  • set - These are only tagged on Item Sets pages.
Tag Discussion by HarrisonHarrison, 27 Dec 2017 03:36

Hello, I think having an outfit set template will help players in a lot of ways. I was searching for the full picture of an outfit set and find none in the wiki. Some outfit set doesn't have the full view when googled, although some does (ex. Pumpkinmancer Set have full view). In AQW, the armor included most of the full view (Includes the shoulder, boots, belt, and greaves), so its doesn't matter much but in AQ3D, they're separated as individual equipment pieces. I know its not important but maybe in the future it would be a nice addition. Thank you very much.

already responded to this weeks ago, but going back to this, still considering/working on it. right now i'm at a debatacle about getting images for the full set, especially for rare items. ~harr

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by DisquarkDisquark, 09 Dec 2017 14:34

Will consider in the future when an overhaul of the Wiki is made.

Re: Character Page Badges by HarrisonHarrison, 10 Nov 2017 03:41

This is not a request for a new badge but for a way to link a page to a badge.

Hi, I was looking around some pages and I feel like there should be a new section for special items that give players new badges. Like let's say you buy a shirt from HeroMart and it gives you an item and the badge on your character page. If it's too complicated there is no need to add this feature since only a few items actually give badges like AE 2017 Calendar, AQ3D Logo T-Shirt, Talk Like Pirate's Day Collector 2017 and Mogloween Collector 2017.

Re: Character Page Badges Links by medlolmedlol, 05 Nov 2017 02:16

Hi Guys! I'm Tanginaka

It's my first time joining this kind of group but I'll make sure I will help this group as much as I can :)
I've played lot of aqw original and I currently switched to AQW3D to have some more fun!

You can add me on Steam by searching Kimswanity :)


Unfortunately, no one has much time to do that (it would require a lot of data filling, etc).

Re: Wiki How / To Q&A by HarrisonHarrison, 24 Oct 2017 14:46
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