Four Tributes


Malthas (Dragon General): Greetings, Dragonlord.
Dragonlord Talyn (Evil Dragonlord): Malthas, how go the preparations?
Malthas (Dragon General): I have sent my dravir out into neighboring areas to bring more humans to Brimston.
Dragonlord Talyn (Evil Dragonlord): Excellent. The Crimson Circle have encountered some… challenges.
Dragonlord Talyn (Evil Dragonlord): The Guardians took more of a toll on their first wave than expected.
Malthas (Dragon General): Never send humans to do a dragon's job. I do not trust them.
Dragonlord Talyn (Evil Dragonlord): Your trust is not required, only your obedience.
Dragonlord Talyn (Evil Dragonlord): The Great Fire Dragon requires FOUR Tributes to wake from its long slumber.
Dragonlord Talyn (Evil Dragonlord): You will focus on your Tribute. The Great Fire Dragon will be hungry when it awakens.
Malthas (Dragon General): Yes, Dragonlord.
Malthas (Dragon General): Soon we will have enough humans to establish breeding stock…
Malthas (Dragon General): …and we can begin culling the ones to be fed to the Great Fire Dragon as Tribute.

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