"Foxy" Winmore

Ahoy there! Yer here fer the Pirate Siege? Ya came ta the right place, ya scurvvy dog!

Is this PvP?
Avast! It be about as real as a five legged moglin. It is two teams of heroes battling each other fer glory, but they be sending invaders to do their swashbuckling for them.

How do I play?
Well, blangdang, here's what you need to know! Join one of two ships and work together to take down the other side. Winner will receive loot and glory!

Two Ships?
Aye, that be a great question. You'll be randomly sorted to one of two ships The Crossbones, and Braken's Fury. Protect yer ship at all costs.
Protect my ship?
Indeed m'hearty. Your opponents will be sending invaders to your ship who intend to do it harm. Defeating those what gets sent to you and loot them for Siege Tokens.
What are Siege Tokens for?
Sweet cheese! You'll be wanting to take those Siege Tokens and enlist some rogues to invade yer opponents ship. Maybe even set yer'self up with a trusty 'ol cannon.
Where's My Siege Stuff?
Yar, I was wondering when you were gonna ask that. Every Siege begins with everyone not having any resources. Ya gotta play to build them up each run. Fairsy Squarsy, I always say. I'll be knowing if yer cheating…

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Location: Pirate Cabin (Location)

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