Franklin Is Whole Again


Franklin (Whole Again): He's gone?! He's gone!!
Franklin (Whole Again): I'm ME again! Oh, what a relief!
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): And ready to go back home, I'm sure…
Franklin (Whole Again): I just use this Soul Gem, right?
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): Yep. Feed it to the Maw whenever you're ready. The pathways of the Oversoul are open to you.
Franklin (Whole Again): Finally! Man, I can't wait!
Hero: But… your home is outside of this, uh… this FIENDISH part of the Oversoul, right?
Franklin (Whole Again): Yes, why?
Hero: I… can't lave here yet.
Franklin (Whole Again): There's something I still need to do.
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): Hmm. You really have been a lot of help, <Hero>.
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): I suppose you've earned a Soul Gem of your own.
Hero: Aaaaah! Really? Thank you, Nepenthe!
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): Oh, please. As if you weren't fishing for it.
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): But I do appreciate all you've done.
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): Good luck to you. Wherever you end up.

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