What is the Friends button on my Main Menu?

The friends button on your Main Menu allows you to access the Summoning Options and your friends list.

How does the friends list work?

The friends list allows you to keep track of the friends you have added in-game. It tells you if they're online or not, and if they are, what server they are currently playing on.

As of Open Beta, you can only have 30 friends on your friends list. You will not be able to accept any more friends unless you delete one.

How do I add a player to my friends list?

1) You can do so by clicking on a player you want to add, and then clicking on the basic user stats interface on the top of your screen. Once you have done so, you should see this on your screen (see Step 1)

2) After you have that on your screen, click on the Invite Friend button. This will ask for your confirmation (see Step 2).

3) After you have confirmed and sent a friend request to that person, they will get a notification about it in the form of a button and as a message in their chatbox. Players who have pending friend requests can find theirs in the friends options (see Steps 3 and 4)

After they have received the notification, all they have to do is click on it or click on your name in the Friend Requests tab. They will be asked for their confirmation and once they accept it, you will have that person on your friends list.

What makes a friend so different than a regular player?

If you are friends with someone, it is much easier for you to meet up and adventure with them. Unlike Summoning, you can directly invite someone your instance without them having to enter a summon code. Furthermore, you can do vice versa and goto to their instance in a click of a button.

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