Frogzard Cabin


Ace (Frogzard Cabin Counselor): Great! A new Frogzard Cabin camper! Hi, <hero>!
Hero: Hi. What sets this cabin apart from the other?
Ace (Frogzard Cabin Counselor): Oh, that's easy. They're bad and we're good.
Hero: OK, but what MAKES them bad and you good?
Ace (Frogzard Cabin Counselor): Well, the Frogzard Cabin stands for good things and they are the ENEMY!
Hero: That's… still not very clear.
Ace (Frogzard Cabin Counselor): Join our cabin. Collect War Badges from monsters and complete my quest until the War Meter hits 100%…
Ace (Frogzard Cabin Counselor): …We will win that trophy because FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.
Ace (Frogzard Cabin Counselor): Just visualize your goal, make a plan…
Ace (Frogzard Cabin Counselor): … and CRUSH ALL WHO GET IN OUR WAY!
Hero: You guys take this Camp War pretty seriously.
Ace (Frogzard Cabin Counselor): Well, we can't have those filthy Dricken Campers winning and wearing that rare flag around, flapping in our faces!
Hero: I don't think this is healthy.
Ace (Frogzard Cabin Counselor): Oh, it's very UNhealthy… for the DRICKEN CAMPERS WHO STAND IN OUR WAY!

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