From Keys to Lamps


«The Hollow Keep - Vane's Fortress»
Vane (The Void King): Azella, have you made progress on harnessing the power of Death's key?
Azella (Priestess of the Void): I'm afraid not…
Azella (Priestess of the Void): The key's mysteries still elude me.
Azella (Priestess of the Void): With more time, I could possibly —
Vane (The Void King): I'm growing tired of your failure.
Vane (The Void King): You were brought here for one purpose…
Vane (The Void King): …and yet you continue to disappoint me.
Skarn (The Alchemist): If I may, Lord Vane.
Skarn (The Alchemist): I believe I found a solution that could resolve our issues with Azella's current…
Skarn (The Alchemist): …inadequacies.
Azella (Priestess of the Void): Mind your tongue, you slimy —
Vane (The Void King): Enough! I will not tolerate such bickering between you two.
Vane (The Void King): Continue, Skarn.
Skarn (The Alchemist): I have sent soldiers to the Sandsea to uncover an artifact that may grant you any wish you desire.
Vane (The Void King): How certain are you of this artifact's power?
Skarn (The Alchemist): Enough to stake my life on it.
Skarn (The Alchemist): If you'd allow me, I would like to go to the Sandsea myself…
Skarn (The Alchemist): …and assist the Voidrakar with claiming the artifact for you.
Vane (The Void King): No… you are needed here.
Azella (Priestess of the Void): Then let me go instead.
Skarn (The Alchemist): What?! You?
Azella (Priestess of the Void): I know I've let you down thus far…
Azella (Priestess of the Void): But allow me to make amends by delivering this artifact to you.
Vane (The Void King): …Very well.
Vane (The Void King): See to it that you do not fail me.
Azella (Priestess of the Void): Of course, my lord.
Azella (Priestess of the Void): I won't let anyone stand in my way.
«Tune in soon for the continuation of the Sandsea Saga!»

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