Frostlorn Raiders


Faustbite (Frostlorn Warrior): Father Winter's storms have never taken us this far south.
Faustbite (Frostlorn Warrior): What is this the name of this place?
Phrozen (Frostlorn Mage): I believe they call it "Battleon", FAUSTBITE.
Sleet (Frostlorn Rogue): Hmm. Never heard of it.
Phrozen (Frostlorn Mage): Every winter, we ride the storms south and raid these towns and villages…
Phrozen (Frostlorn Mage): … we take their supplies and leave them cold, hungry and poor…
Phrozen (Frostlorn Mage): … You'd think at least one of them would put up a fight.
Faustbite (Frostlorn Warrior): The warmth down here thaws them. Makes them all soft.
Sleet (Frostlorn Rogue): Father Winter demands takes his price. I say we let them all freeze!
Phrozen (Frostlorn Mage): Chill out, SLEET.
Phrozen (Frostlorn Mage): If we wipe them out then we won't be able to raid them next winter.
Faustbite (Frostlorn Warrior): Sleigh the weak and the young.
Faustbite (Frostlorn Warrior): Leave the strong to gather supplies for next winter's raid.
Sleet (Frostlorn Rogue): Hrmph… Fine. But I'm icing anyone who tries to get in our way.
Phrozen (Frostlorn Mage): Don't bother.
Phrozen (Frostlorn Mage): Once we're done, the storm will sort the weak from the strong.
Faustbite (Frostlorn Warrior): Cold blooded as ever, PHROZEN.
Sleet (Frostlorn Rogue): What are we waiting for?! LET'S SACK THIS TOWN!
Phrozen (Frostlorn Mage): Leave them nothing but pain and frozen tears.
Faustbite (Frostlorn Warrior): Frostlord Raiders… Take Battleon.

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