Gaspar Introduction


General Gaspar: You beat up my guards like they were nothing'!
General Gaspar: Just who are you?
Hero: The name's <Hero>, and I'm not a threat, honestly!
General Gaspar: Tell that to all the guards you roughed up.
General Gaspar: Well… the ones that are still conscious, that is.
Hero: Yeah, sorry about that.
Hero: But honestly, I'm not here to cause any trouble.
General Gaspar: And yet here we are, standing in a whole mess of it!
Town Guard (One of the few left standing): General Gaspar, come quick!
General Gaspar: What is it? Can't you see I'm busy?
Town Guard (One of the few left standing): Zhoom's rebels have broken through the gates.
Town Guard (One of the few left standing): We're under attack!
General Gaspar: What?!
General Gaspar: Of all the times…
General Gaspar: <Hero>, do you mean it when you say you're here to help?
Hero: Of course.
General Gaspar: Then prove it by helping me protect my people from the rebels.
Hero: If that'll make you know that I'm on your side, then you've got it.
Hero: Let's keep the people safe!

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