Black Market Trader
Ah! Another hero comes to visit Gaz, eh? Gaz knows. Gaz Understands. The hero wants only the very best. Of course!

- Gaz's Black Market

Last Chance! legacysmall.png
Well hello there, adventurer! Gaz has gotten his hands on some very special items… but only for limited time! Heh heh heh.
- Last Chance Items
- Earth Day Items seasonalsmall.png
- Quest

Gaz's Abyss Market
What? Extra rare deals? Who is asking? SHHHH! Don't speak too loud, here is what I can offer you, hurry, hurry!
- Gaz's Abyssal shop

Abyssal Deals Quest
Looking for alternative ways to earn Contracts of Nulgath? Here is what I offer Hero, but it will cost you.
- Contract of Nulgath: Voucher Exchange
- Contract of Nulgath: Voucher Exchange (Guardian)


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