Gaz Connections


Hero: Alright, Gaz. I got everything you asked for.
Gaz: Hehehe. Good, good! Now Gaz won't have to work today.
Hero: Yeah, yeah. I'm very happy for you. Now, about Winnie's scissors ?
Gaz: What about them ?
Hero: You said you knew who took them ?
Gaz: Did Gaz say that ? Hehehe. Gaz says lots of things to get what he wants.
Hero: Why you little… I should have figured as much.
Gaz: Oh, don't look so pitiful and useless.
Hero: Wow, you really don't mince words, do you ?
Gaz: Gaz may not have answers you want, But he may know where to find them.
Gaz: Gaz thinks Mustang has been acting very strange today.
Hero: Strange how ?
Gaz: Maybe for a few more items, Gaz tells you.
Hero: Nope, not falling for that again!
Gaz: Hehehe. Gaz thought it was worth a try.
Gaz: Now go talk to Mustang.

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