Gaz (Old)


Black Market Trader
Ah! Another hero comes to visit Gaz, eh? Gaz knows. Gaz Understands. The hero wants only the very best. Of course! The wise hero knows that humble Gaz has much to offer… much that the hero can find nowhere else. Gaz is not greedy but poor old Gaz cannot go adventuring for treasure like the strong hero and the beast is not easy to find. Not easy at all. But the best can be head, for a price… of course.

Of course! The clever hero won't buy from stranger. The hero wants to know Gaz first. Gaz was not born with two peg legs, two hook hands and one eye, but Gaz has lost much more than this in his life. Of course, he has. Perhaps Gaz will tell you his tale if you buy him a meal and something to wash it down at Yulgar's Inn someday. Hmm?

- Black Friday Shop
- Gaz's Quests
- Gaz's Black Market


Level: 1
Note: Also see Gaz.

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