Gaz's Intro


Gaz: Hey you! Quick… c'mere.
Hero: What's going on here?
Gaz: Undead invasion! Nasty one too.
Gaz: Something BIG is in the Keep… probably behind it all.
Gaz: The guardians are here trying to save everyone… but they're outnumbered.
Hero: … And who are you?
Gaz: Who is Gaz!?
Gaz: Gaz is a world famous purveyor of used weapons and armor!
Hero: So you steal things from battlefields and sell them?
Gaz: Gaz would never!
Gaz: Say, are you looking to buy a more powerful weapon?
Gaz: I literally JUST got my hooks on a few new items.
Hero: Gaz! We're in the middle of an undead invasion!
Gaz: Exactly! That's why Gaz has the deal of a lifetime for you!
Gaz: Here's what I propose…
Gaz: You help fix Gaz's cart and get it the heck out of this place.
Gaz: Deal?
Hero: What kind of deal is that!?
Gaz: A great deal! You know.. good deeds, helping peeps!
Hero: Oh, so you want me to rescue people and get them in the cart?
Gaz: NO WAY! My carts full of… uh…
Gaz: I mean Yes, of course… let's help people! *grumbles*
Hero: I'm going to scout the Keep and see what we are up against.
Gaz: Be careful <hero> , and just in case you do not survive…
Gaz: Want to buy some brand new, slightly used weapons or armor?

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