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The following pages below are generated lists used by the AdventureQuest 3D Wiki. Unlike the official lists, the following lists shown below are generated through the site's tag cloud and will not have any special formatting, as Wikidot has trouble generating the format of official lists.
You may find duplicates of generated lists containing the same content as official lists. The tag generated list will also be shown here in case you have problems loading the Official Lists. These lists may also be used as alternatives to the Category pages found in the navigation menu, as they should load significantly faster at the loss of image tag formatting.

This page will have Items Sorted by Level, Hats/Hoods, and item specifics in the future. Check back later!


List of Junk Rarity Items junksmall.png
List of Common Rarity Items commonsmall.png
List of Uncommon Rarity Items uncommonsmall.png
List of Awesome Rarity Items awesomesmall.png
List of Epic Rarity Items epicsmall.png
List of Legendary Rarity Items legendarysmall.png


List of Dragon Crystal Items dcsmall.png
List of Guardian Content guardiansmall.png
List of KickStarter Content kickstartersmall.png
List of Promotional Items specialsmall.png
List of Rare Content raresmall.png


List of Craftable Items


List of Armors
List of Belts
List of Boots
List of Capes
List of Classes
List of Gloves
List of Helmets & Hoods
List of Misc. Items
List of Shoulders
List of Transformations
List of Use Menu Items
List of Weapons
List of Guns

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