Queen of Games
Every move is a strategic choice between life or death. Would you like to play… a game of Battleon Chess?

- Who are you?

How to Play?
Want to be a real-life chess piece? You can play Battleon Chess to defeat monsters and earn a piece of Chess Armor. Or, create your own game with fellow heroes in the Chess Hall. Split into two teams and choose who the Captain will be. The Captains dictate what moves they want. If you are captured, join the others watching from the side. Perhaps duel to make it really interesting. This hall has room for 45 heroes. Be respectful, don't cheat, and have fun!

- Chess Hall Go to Chess Hall
- Battleon Chess Play Battleon Chess!
- Trove Quests

Chess Troves
Which piece will you play today? Note - Items stored in these troves will become level 1, intended for cosmetic use, later on.
- Black Chess Trove
- White Chess Trove

Location: Chess Hall

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