Ghost Captain Kodd

Hhhhhhhh… greetings sailor Sssseems that I may have misplaaaaaaced my ship- The Adventuuuuure Pearl… Now I be stranded hhhhere with the cursed ffffishes…

Must have Broken Ship's Wheel in your inventory to see this quest.
- This Broken Ship's Wheel?

The Pearl's Last Adventure
Ayyyeeee… Me ship… t'was a tragedy indeeeeed…

Requires completion of the 'A Fishing Legend' and must have a Broken Bottle quest to access this quest
- A Sinking Ship

Fish Snacks
Hhhhhhhh…the tasssstee of fishhh…? Can not rememberrrr…
- Cursed Cay Yums
- Level 32 Fishy Yums
- Level 45 Fishy Yums

Location: Woundstock - Cursed Captain

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