Gibbs' Introduction


Gibbs (DragonSlayer): HALT! Whoever you are…tell me Senna sent you with some buns.
Hero: Sorry… no buns. I'm <hero>.
Hero: Kord sent me to help you. He thinks I'm ready.
Gibbs (DragonSlayer): Let's hope so. Welcome to The Lower Firefields. I'm Gibbs.
Gibbs (DragonSlayer): We need to get to the Upper Firefields but we have to get past a bunch of monsters and a Lava Lord called Gorm to get there.
Hero: Just us? Shouldn't Galanoth have sent more people?
Gibbs (DragonSlayer): Couldn't spare them. Dragonlord Talyn has cut off all the DragonSlayers in the other parts of Ashfall.
Gibbs (DragonSlayer): If we don't find a way past Gorm we'll lose all those other DragonSlayers overnight.
Gibbs (DragonSlayer): Galanoth says "If you can't handle this, you're not fit to be a DragonSlayer. Get it done".
Gibbs (DragonSlayer): That seems harsh.
Gibbs (DragonSlayer): You don't need to tell me. My sister, Essa, is one of the DragonSlayers trapped out there with no support.
Gibbs (DragonSlayer): But Galanoth knows what he's doing… and so do we. Let's get Gorm.

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