Gil Found!


Gil (Squint's First Mate): Oh, thank goodness.
Gil (Squint's First Mate): Are you part of the rescue party?
Hero: I am the rescue party.
Gil (Squint's First Mate): Just you?!
Gil (Squint's First Mate): You're either really brave or really dumb.
Hero: Did I mention I volunteered to go alone?
Gil (Squint's First Mate): So it's the second one. Great, just my luck.
Gil (Squint's First Mate): First, I get lost using the compass to navigate the desert.
Gil (Squint's First Mate): And then a giant monster attacks and causes me to crash my skiff.
Hero: A giant monster?! You're lucky to be alive.
Gil (Squint's First Mate): Not for long…
Gil (Squint's First Mate): During the wreck, I dropped Squint's lucky compass onto the sand…
Gil (Squint's First Mate): and then a sand shark came and ate it!
Gil (Squint's First Mate): If I show up to Bastion without his compass, I'm a dead man.
Gil (Squint's First Mate): I don't care what Squint says — That compass ain't lucky at all!
Hero: Well, your luck is taking a turn for the better now that I'm here.
Hero: I'll find the sand shark that ate the compass so that you can return to town safely.

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