Giving the Bow to Sekt


Lord Sekt: Look who's finally returned…
Lord Sekt: Did you finish the deed?
Hero: See for yourself.
General Gaspar: Is that Zhoom's bow?
General Gaspar: Wait… <Hero>, did you kill Zhoom?
Lord Sekt: What, Gaspar, are you upset that <Hero> succeeded where you have long failed?
General Gaspar: I just didn't think <Hero> was capable of doing something like that.
Hero: Looks can be deceiving, my friend. I assure you.
General Gaspar: What do you… Ooooooh…
Lord Sekt: Don't look so puzzled, Gaspar. This is a time to celebrate!
Lord Sekt: For too long, the wielders of this bow have been a thorn to my side…
Lord Sekt: But now they are no more, and this bow will become a symbol of my excellence!
Hero: So… about our arrangement?
Lord Sekt: Ah, yes. The bow for the information about the lamp, was it?
Lord Sekt: Well… I changed my mind.
Hero: What?! But you promised!
Lord Sekt: The lamp is no trinket for just any commoner to possess.
Lord Sekt: It belongs to one person, and one person only…
???: And his name is Vane the Void King.
Lord Sekt: What?! Who dares to disrespect me in my temple?
Azella: You may call me Azella, High Priestess of the Void.
Azella: And I have come here with my soldiers to claim the lamp for our master.
Azella: Comply to my demand or witness the might of the Voidrakar firsthand.
Lord Sekt: Careful now… don't say things that I'll make you regret!
Azella: No, Lord Sekt, it is you who should be cautious…
Azella: If you do not hand over the lamp willingly…
Azella: Then I will take it by force.
Lord Sekt: You think you can threaten me in my own temple?!
«Lord Sekt begins to cast a magical spell, but it gets countered by Azella's freezing spell.»
Lord Sekt: I can't move… What did you do to me?!
Azella: What's the matter, Lord Sekt?
Azella: Are you unable to break free from my simple freezing spell?
Azella: Ha! And you have the nerve to call yourself a god-king…
Azella: Look at how your power compares to the Voidrakar…
Azella: I could keep you frozen like this for the rest of your wretched, eternal life if I wanted to…
General Gaspar: Oh, no you don't!
General Gaspar: Come on, <Hero>. We've got to do something.
Hero: Lead the way!

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