Global Loot Table

The global loot table is a loot table that can be accessed by most monsters in most areas (the ones that drop xp and/or gold) as a separate loot table from their own loot tables. Each time a monster is defeated that can access this drop table, a roll to access it happens and if successful, loot from it will appear either on its own or alongside monster's regular loot. If multiple monsters are defeated at the same time when a roll for this loot table happens successfully, they all drop loot from it. Some areas can have their own specific loot table similar to this it and such items from them can roll alongside the global loot table.

The current list of items which are included in the global loot table and their drop ranges are as follows:


  • Building Bricks and Wood Planks have a lower chance to drop compared to Health Potion.
    • They cannot appear together when they are rolled as loot, only one of the two will appear in a loot bag.
    • If you own a full stack of Building Bricks or Wood Planks, that item will stop dropping through the global loot table.
  • Blue Grenwog Egg and Red Grenwog Egg have a monster level requirement to drop.
    • Blue Grenwog Egg: (Level 21+).
    • Red Grenwog Egg: (Level 35+).
  • All wildflowers drop during the Spring Celebration.
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