Sewer Dweller
*blorps* Enter the slime-filled sewers for a team vs team parkour challenge. You're randomly chosen to be a JUMPER or DEFENDER Jumpers have 10 minutes to find and ACTIVE THREE PURPLE VALVES in the sewer. Defenders… it's your job to stop them by springing traps!

Sewer Warfare?
*blubs* Yup! In this 6 jumper vs 3 defender challenge. The match lasts only 10 minutes. The Jumpers win if they can reach the ends of the sewer and activate all of the purple valves. The defenders will be above, watching, and springing traps to stop them. After 10 minutes, EVERYONE will be teleported to a Boss Fight. The winning team gets better loot.

Jumper Team?
*blubs* If you are randomly placed on the Jumper team, you are working for the Plumbers. Your team's job is to find and activate all 3 Purple Valves. You only have 10 minutes to do it! Also, the defenders will be messing with you by setting traps. Work together as a team, split up, and find a way to win. After 10 minutes or activating all 3 Purple Valves, a Boss Fight will begin. The winning side gets better loot.

Defender Team?
*blubs* If you are randomly placed on the Defender team, you will start up top. Use the valves to spring traps on the Jumpers below. Pay close attention to the colors of the valves. They indicate which traps they will trigger. You can also use portals to hop around the map. Hold the jumpers off for 10 minutes to win.

Hard to Find Items?
*blubs* There is a rumor that the Boss Monsters have a rare chance of dropping items including a golden plunger or Slerg's Rod— but your team will need to be victorious.

- Sewer Crafts

Location: Battleon Scholar District

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