Gluttonia Is Hungry For Souls


Hero: Here you go, Gluttonia!
Hero: The tasty, rotting remains of… whatever this was. Bon appetit!
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Mmmm! Delicious!
Hero: So, you'll open the Ravenous Maw for me now… right?
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Why the rush?
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): That was merely an appetizer, traveler. I hunger for the sweet taste of souls.
Hero: (Sigh)
Hero: Fine. I'll go get you some souls.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Bring me enough for a feast. Let's say… TWENTY FIVE of them.
Hero: TWENTY FIVE?! Come on, lady! That will take all day!
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Then you'd better hurry.

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