Gluttonia Wants More Souls!


Hero: Gluttonia! I'm back!
Hero: And I've brought your twenty five souls.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Yes, yes! So exquisitely bitter…
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): These must have been stewing in the Bulwark for centuries.
Hero: I'm glad you're enjoying them, I guess.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Traveler, you must bring me more! They're not often this ripe.
Hero: Again?!
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): You DO want me to open the maw, don't you?
Hero: Well, yes, but…
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Then bring me more. Fifty more souls, traveler.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Yes. And be quick this time!

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