Good News For Toru Sakamoto


Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): <Hero>. Tell me that you have some good news.
Hero: Yuki's ship worked. We recovered the second piece of the Trident of the Sea God.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): Very well done. I will write to Empress Ai-No-Miko and let her know the good news.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): I will not fail to include the part you played.
Hero: There's no need for that.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): You might be new here but you have server the entire village of Shadow of the Wind today.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): You and Yuki Jin have our gratitude.
Hero: I'm going to go meet her right now. I'll pass it along.

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