Goods Returned


Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Is everything back where it belongs?
Hero: Every last piece.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): And your Pirate friend is going to behave himself from now on?
Hero: You have my word. And I'll even vouch for my Ninja friend, too.
Hero: She's far more courteous than the Captain…
Hero: …If you look past her pension for pranks… and her unwillingness to pay back debts.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): There's a ninja here, too?!
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Oh, my goodness. The King will not be happy about that.
Hero: Is their presence a problem?
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Let's just say that the King has a very low opinion of pirates and ninjas…
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Which, can you blame him, after all the trouble they have caused across the seas?
Hero: You have a point, but that's exactly why we're here.
Hero: Captain Rhubarb and Yuki Jin have agreed to work together so that we can put an end to this conflict once and for all.
Hero: And when that happens, that will likely mean better things for Atlantis, too!
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): We do just fine on our own.
Hero: But it doesn't have to be like that.
Hero: Maybe us working together can lead to a partnership between Atlantis on the topside!
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Save your breath, <Hero>. I am a soldier, not a diplomat.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): That is a matter only the King gets to decide.
Hero: Then let me speak with him.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Ha! I'd be a pretty lousy guard if I let just anyone have an audience with the King.
Hero: What about an ally to Atlantis, someone who's proven <himself/herself> to have the city's best interest at heart?
Hero: Surely, that would be someone worthy of time with the King?
Hero: And seeing as how I helped you against the Sea Ogres…
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): It will take more of that to convince me that your intentions are true.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): But if you want to prove that you are an ally, then I may have a task for you…

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