Gorthor Defeated


Guardian (Keep Defender): Gorthor, the Warfiend has fallen! Thank you, <hero>!
Gaz (Black Market Sneevil): Gaz is impressed! Of course he is!
Hero: I'm glad I could help. Gaz and I need to get these people to the safety of Battleon.
Guardian (Keep Defender): You can leave the clean up to us. The undead army is broken.
Guardian (Keep Defender): When you arrive in Battleon, please take the account of what happened here to the Guardian Tower.
Guardian (Keep Defender): If you're looking for more to do, the ranger Robina has reported some odd things in Gureenguard Forest.
Guardian (Keep Defender): You can find her just outside Battleon's town gates. She can give you more details.
Hero: It was an honor fighting by your side. Let's go, Gaz…
Hero: … Battleon awaits!
Narrator: Welcome to AdventureQuest 3D!

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