Got the Files


Hero: Bean Twilyl! I got the files!
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): Yay! We did it! We backed up the WHOLE game!
Hero: Now, how do we get out of here?
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): I don't know, I've been lost in this server for the last 19 years or so.
Hero: You've been stuck in here for 19 years!?
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): Yeah! My file was lost on a backup drive next to a bunch of Gravelyn fan art.
Hero: That explains the picture of you on the wall in Yulgar's Inn.
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): There's a picture of me!? I'd love to see it.
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): If we survive this, would you take me with you to your world?
Hero: We ARE going to make it out of here… and I'm 100% taking you with me.
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): Yeah! Let's confront The Death of Games, <Hero>. And then let's shove that backup disk right in…
Hero: Twilly!
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): …In the memory bank to bring the game back to life! Geez, <Hero>.
Hero: Well, the game IS rated T for Teen now.
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): IT'S WHAT!?
Hero: Yeah! AQ3D totally has a T rating!
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): Oh! Well in that case… let's go kick that guy's ass!!

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