Gravedigger Loth

Hello, traveller. I don't see many new faces here on the Bonecliffs. Well… not many living faces. My name is am Loth and I am the current gravedigger here in this part of this accursed forest. If you have survived long enough to reach me, you must be either quite strong or very lucky. Either way, I need your help.

As I understand it, being a gravedigger other places is not the same as it is here. I spent many years training under my master to prepare to take her place. You see, I don't simply put the dead in the ground… it is also my job to keep them there. An eldritch evil has been awakened. The necromancer who has recently come to ShatterSkull Tower has summoned the GateWraith. It is supposed to appear every 200 years but Sargoth has called it early. It is not just a powerful spirit but an actually gate to the netherrealm. If it is not sealed and destroyed, necrotic energy and and creatures will flood out of it and consume everything.

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Location: Bone Cliffs
Level: 1

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