Greenguard Exhibit


Hero: The new wing is ready for displays, Danicka!!! TIME MAGIC!!!!
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Ha! Thank you again, <Hero>. This is really making a dream come true for me. I loved visiting this museum when I was a little girl.
Hero: This place means a lot to every one of us here.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Knowledge has that power over people. This museum is what inspired me to be a Chronomancer.
Hero: What do you mean?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): These exhibits and displays are like little moments in time. Even as a kid, I found it almost magical.
Hero: It all sounds like Sisters of Time stuff.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Spoken like a true Chronomancer.
Hero: Maybe one day…
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Speaking of time, we have a museum exhibit to fill! So - What is the first display you think you would like to see, <Hero>?
Hero: well, from my times in Greenguard, I remember there were quite a few Frogzards around.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): You're right. Those guys have a wicked bite for sure.
Hero: I know I need to go collect "Moments"… but … HOW would I go about collecting moments?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Well… hmm… This is the best way to explain… Go rough them up a bit. Eventually, if you believe enough, you will find a Moment with one of those nasty beasts.
Hero: I've "roughed up" quite a few Frogzards in my time. I've never gotten any moments from them.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Were you TRYING to make a Moment?
Hero: Hmmm. No… I can't say that I was…
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Here, maybe this will help -
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Sorores Temporis - Videbunt qui quaerunt.
Hero: Hmm. Shortbread.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): That should do it. Head on over to Greenguard Forest and collect some Frogzard Moments!
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Bring them back when you are done, and then YOU can do some time magic.

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