Greeted by the Greeter


Lady Garnett (Greeter): Good evening, esteemed guest. I am Lady Garnett.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): May I have your invitation please?
Hero: My pleasure.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Oh my! This is quite an honor.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): May I confirm your name?
Hero: My name is <Hero> the <Class>.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Hmmm…
Lady Garnett (Greeter): How peculiar. This is not the name on my guest list.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): What is the password?
Hero: "Fidelio"
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Surprising. That is… correct.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): May I ask how one… such as yourself… came to possess this invitation and password?
Hero: Hmmm, let me try to remember.

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