Hero: Hi, Hooper. What are you doing here?
Hero: Shouldn't you be at your mill in Darkovia mumbling about conspiracies?
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): Sure, make fun.
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): But when the grays take you to Atlantis to serve the Crafty Bartfarkels…
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): … You won't be laughing then. You'll see that I was right! YOU'LL ALL SEE!!!
Hero: Alright, alright. So what are you doing in Battleon?
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): I'm researching the latest Grenwog sighting for my zine.
Hero: Grenwog SIGHTING? I thought that was just what we called this celebration.
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): It is. But we get the name from The Grenwog. A huge monster that only shows up during early spring…
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): … I've heard it looks like a huge deformed rabbit wearing BOXING GLOVES!
Hero: … Boxing gloves? Really?
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): It has some obsession with eggs and might have been created by the Chocolatier Cartel.
Hero: Are you feeling OK?
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): I'm fine. I feel great. I haven't slept in… wait… what month is this?
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): Nevermind. Listen, <Hero>… I need eggs. LOTS of chocolate eggs.
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): Get me some chocolate eggs to bait the Grenwog out and I'll trade you some weapons!

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