Grenwog's Nest

Dungeon Level 5+ (Scaled)
Difficulty: Normal
Recommended Players: 1-5
The Grenwog's Burrow is a dangerous place. Farm for pixie dust to harvest carrots and use them for luring the elusive Grenwog.


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Lobby: Battleon Town Gates
Access Points:

Party Size: 5


  • Grenwog (Monster) starts out untargetable, burrowing between 3 different spots (surrounded by either flower beds, mushrooms, or vines) and stops to heal itself briefly before resuming to burrow again.
  • Angry Carrots must be defeated to get 1 of 3 different carrots (Orange Carrot, Purple Carrot, and Red Carrot) to use as a bait to make Grenwog (Monster) targetable which can be placed near the previously mentioned 3 spots.
      • You need to use 10 Pixie Dust on a carrot to spawn an Angry Carrot.
      • There are 2 spots with 3 carrots and 1 spot with 2 carrots in this dungeon.
  • Each spot where you can place a carrot bait also has 4 spots nearby that you can use 5 Pixie Dust on to spawn either a Flower Bed, a Mushroom, or Vines (2) depending on the spot you used Pixie Dust on.
    • When defeated, they will Stun anything close enough to them.
  • When targetable, Grenwog (Monster) can use Flee skill, making itself untargetable after finishing the cast, resuming the burrowing.
    • The Flee skill can only be interrupted using the Stun caused by the previously mentioned monsters.

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