The Blacksmith
Something need smelting?

Pickaxe of Destiny
The quest for this righteous axe was given to Grunk from heaviest rock elemental in the entire wasteland. With it, Grunk will gain the power to mine Lore's hardest rock!

But Grunk too lazy to put the effort in, so now he will pass the quest on to you. Then you can mine all the hard rocks and heavy metals. You just gotta share with Grunk, okay? And Grunk will make sure he credits you on all his weapons.
- Give it to me, Grunk

Who is this stone elemental?
His name Cave Coal, and he the Lord of Rocks and Heavy Metals. No rock is harder! No metal more black! So you can see why Grunk is taking this all so seriously.

Location: Seleden Wasteland

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