Grunk the Blacksmith


Grunk: Shattered Sword?
Grunk: Oh, yes. Grunk knows this sword.
Grunk: Been waiting long time to see this sword again.
Grunk: Was NOT expecting shiny, wholesome Paladin man to have it, though.
Hero: Oh, yeah? Why is that?
Victor Lionfang: It does not matter! I am the one the sword has chosen.
Victor Lionfang: Can you reforge it for me or not?
Grunk: Oh, yeah. Grunk happy to oblige.
Grunk: Whoever has sword, Grunk doesn't care.
Grunk: It still the herald of his Master's return.
Hero: I'm sorry, what? Your Master's return?
Who is your ""Master"? I thought this was about getting rid of the Legion!
Victor Lionfang:** He speaks of the voice inside the amulet, <Hero>.
Victor Lionfang: And I assure you, our Master will indeed put an end to the Undead Legion.

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